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Andrew Scheer's Under Fire For Campaigning In Manitoba Instead Of Helping Evacuees

The campaign stop happened in a hotel lobby where evacuees were being temporarily housed.
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Andrew Scheer's Under Fire For Campaigning In Manitoba Instead Of Helping Evacuees

People in Manitoba are recovering from a brutal storm that moved through the region but that didn't stop election activity in the area. However, Andrew Scheer's Manitoba campaign stop after the snowstorm was controversial. Some people who had to be evacuated from their homes because of the storm were not too pleased with the Conservative leader having a campaign stop for the election in the province. 

Manitoba is recovering from an early blast of winter weather with a snowstorm leaving a path of destruction in the province. Even an official state of emergency was declared in an effort to help restore power quicker. 

On October 14, Scheer made campaign stops in Manitoba and the decision to go ahead with the campaign stop despite the fact that people were without power and evacuated from their homes was not met with warm reactions. 

As Scheer's campaign arrived at a hotel in Winnipeg, a few dozen Indigenous people who were evacuated to the hotel were then told they would be moving to another location. However, Scheer insisted that his campaign was not the reason people were being moved.

According to the CBC, some of the evacuees said that the choice to use the hotel for the announcement Scheer was making was misguided because of the state of emergency. 

"We are sending our best wishes, our hearts are going out to those people who are affected by the storm. We know the important work to clean up afterwards and get power restored is underway, and we certainly hope that happens as quickly as possible," Scheer told reporters at the campaign stop. 

Scheer also said that he made a donation to the Red Cross but wouldn't say how much he donated or when he made the donation. 

Evacuees from Lake Manitoba First Nation were in the lobby of the hotel, being housed there temporarily because of widespread power outages that forced them from their homes. 

The storm caused road closures, downed trees, power outages, and evacuations. Thousands of people in Manitoba had to be evacuated on Thanksgiving because of the storm.

One evacuee, Margaret Missyabit, told reporters that people didn't have time to grab anything from their homes once they found out they were being evacuated. 

When asked if Scheer should have been campaigning in the area, she said no. 

"He should be helping out if he wants to campaign he should help the people," she said. 

Edward Prince was also evacuated and he talked to reporters about Scheer's campaign stop

"Try dealing with the crisis instead of looking for votes," he said. "Look after the people."

Manitoba Hydro said that full restoration could take more than a week

As of the morning of October 15, more than 14,000 customers are still affected by power outages in Manitoba. 

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