The Conservatives Released Their Campaign Slogan & It Reminds People Of Doug Ford (VIDEO)

People also compared Scheer to Jason Kenney.
Scheer Reminds People Of Ford

A day after the Liberal Party released their official campaign slogan in a new ad, the Conservative Party have also put forth their own slogan the morning of Aug. 26. It sums up their leader Andrew Scheer's platform : "It's time for you to get ahead."

The Conservative slogan focuses on the individual. Andrew Scheer says his plan is to "lower the cost of living and leave more money in your pockets." He emphasizes that Canadians are "so frustrated because they’re working so hard, and they’re following all the rules, but they feel like they’re falling further and further behind."

"It's time for you to get ahead" stands in stark contrast to the Liberal Party's call to "Choose forward." In their ad, released on Aug. 25, Justin Trudeau calls out Conservatives on their opposition to taxing the wealthiest one percent in Canada and the Canada Child Benefit. He emphasizes that Canadians have a choice: "Keep moving forward and build on the progress we’ve made, or go back to the politics of the Harper years."

The Conservatives' ad has garnered plenty of reactions on Twitter, but one running theme seems to keep coming up. The Conservative platform reminds people of another Canadian politician who wanted to trim the fat and do away with excess spending: Doug Ford.

The comparison has not exactly been positive . People have called to mind Ford's provincial education and healthcare cuts, in particular, to highlight what they think Scheer will have in store for Canadians at the federal level. They have also unfavorably compared Scheer to current Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney.

One industrious Twitter user took it upon themselves to "fix" the Conservative ad and slogan.

In spite of all the criticism for both his platform and his past remarks regarding gay marriage , Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives have held onto a slight lead, according to the CBC poll tracker .

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