Andrew Scheer's Richmond Hill Rally Erupts In "Lock Him Up" Chant (VIDEO)

The Conservative leader's supporters got riled up.
Andrew Scheer's Rally In Richmond Hill Featured A "Lock Him Up" Chant That He Stopped

With the Canadian federal election less than 24 hours away, the candidates are making their final pushes on the campaign trail, appearing in front of audiences and reporters alike to get their messages out there. The audience at Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's most recent rally in Richmond Hill seemed to send a message, although it was not one that Scheer wanted.

During his time in front of the crowd on October 19, Scheer brought up Trudeau and the SNC-Lavalin scandal, saying, "When we form government, I will hold a judicial inquiry into his scandal to get to the bottom of what he’s done," according to Global News.

It was at this point that a section of the audience began chanting, "Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!"

The chants echoed similar ones that were heard at Donald Trump's campaign events in 2016, when his supporters cheered "Lock her up!" in reference to Hilary Clinton. Similar chants are still sometimes heard at his rallies.

Scheer, unlike Trump, did not revel in the chants and did his best to redirect them into something different. 

"Well… or, let’s… we’re going to get to the bottom of his scandal," Scheer said to the crowd, according to HuffPost. "We’re going to vote him out. Vote him out! Vote him out!"

Scheer's new chant seemed to take, and the audience began shouting "Vote him out!" instead.

This was not the first instance of "Lock him up" being uttered at a Conservative campaign event. On October 16, during another event in front of his supporters in Hamilton, several members of the audience yelled out "Lock him up!" according to the Vancouver Sun.

The Canadian federal election will take place on October 21. According to CBC's Poll Tracker, as of October 19, the Liberals lead the Conservatives by just .4 percent.

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