With the 2019 federal election now less than one short month away, Canada’s party leaders are doing whatever they can to round-up some last minute support from potential voters. For Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, this meant taking to Twitter to make several references from The Simpsons while on the campaign trial, although his joke about the ‘Wonderbat’ was perhaps a ‘swing and a miss!'

Late on Tuesday evening, the Conservative leader made his first reference to The Simpsons, by sharing a picture of himself smiling, and holding a shiny new baseball bat in his hands. He added the caption, “I will call it "Wonderbat," alongside the lightning-bolt emoji.

The post is believed to be a reference to an episode of The Simpsons, during which Homer tells Bart the story of his own "Wonderbat," that was created from wood that had been struck by lightning.

While Scheer's attempt at connecting with his followers via The Simpsons references was surely well-intended, the reaction from Canadians wasn't all so positive, as several Twitter users saw the post as a perfect opportunity to take a dig at the Conservative leader.

One Twitter user replied to say, "It should be called the "I Wonder" bat.....as in I wonder when he'll apologize for his homophobic remarks, or I wonder if he'll apologize for not showing racists the door, or I wonder if he knows he's a hypocrite for not doing any of the above."

Another simply added, "You’re not allowed to like the Simpsons."

It turned out that the negative responses did not deter Scheer from his Simpsons-stan, and shortly after, he posted another!

In a follow-up tweet, Scheer posted several photos of himself and his wife, Jill Scheer, on the campaign trail. He added the caption, “Jill: Are you following us? L.A. Franks in Cambridge: Lady, he’s putting my kids through college.”

It can be assumed that Scheer was making a reference to an episode of The Simpsons, in which a hot-dog vendor says the same thing to Marge, about Homer.

In response to Scheer’s second Simpsons tweet, one Canadian Simpsons fan wrote, “Don’t. Make. Simpsons. References. To. Try. And. Seem. Relatable.”

Another was equally unimpressed, tweeting, “Do you really think throwing out constant Simpsons quotes is helping people find you "relatable"? Frankly, I find it disturbing.”

Despite all of the negative reactions to Scheer's Simpsons posts, several Canadians stood up for Scheer, with one noting that he had been a Simpsons fan for years.

One user explained, "Scheer is a Simpsons fan, he uses the references a lot."

Another added, "You got to go and use a Simpson's quote... Ok you got my vote!"

Simpsons fan or not, Scheer will be hoping that Canadians will head to the polls and vote for him on October 21.

If he does become Canada's next Prime Minister, we could even expect to see him on the show since Justin Trudeau was featured in an episode earlier this year. 

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