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Andrew Scheer Is Being Compared To Trump With His Latest SNC Lavalin Announcement

Many Canadians think the Conservative leader should just let it go!
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Andrew Scheer's SNC Lavalin Announcement Draws Comparisons To Trump

As the federal election draws nearer every day, Canada’s party leaders are doing whatever they can to score points over one another. In a social media post on Thursday morning, Scheer made yet another attempt to bring up Justin Trudeau’s involvement in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, but Canadians were far from enthusiastic. In fact, some people even accused him of acting Trump-like, in his refusal to let the Trudeau scandal slide.

With a new scandal and an impeachment potentially in the cards, no Canadian politician wants to be compared to U.S. President Donald Trump right now. However, some Canadians are accusing Conservative leader Andrew Scheer of behaving a little Trump-like in his latest tweets, as he called for Justin Trudeau to be held accountable for his involvement in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, once again.

In a post on Twitter on Thursday morning, Andrew Scheer wrote, “NEW inquiry into SNC-Lavalin Corruption Scandal. Today, I am in Papineau to reveal how a new Conservative government will hold Justin Trudeau accountable.” 

While there were several tweets in support of Scheer holding Trudeau accountable for his SNC-Lavalin scandal, several Twitter users took the opportunity to tell Scheer that he was reminding them of a certain someone...

Back in 2016, during Trump’s presidential election campaign, the somewhat aggressive and controversial chant “lock her up” became popular during his supporters’ rallies. The chant at the time referred to opposition leader Hillary Clinton, who was accused of using a private server for official government business. Throughout the inquiry into Clinton, Trump repeatedly asked investigators to "check her emails."

Drawing comparisons between Trump’s reaction to Clinton, and Scheer’s reaction to Trudeau, one Canadian replied to Scheer saying, “I give it one more week before you start 'lock him up' chants.”

Another shared a similar tweet, writing, “Will you be chanting 'Lock him up?' This is what bothers me most about the #ScheerDisaster campaign is it’s following the script Trump used. As a Canadian, I won’t support that."

Holding a similar opinion, one Canadian wrote, "Wow you like like....that guy who was forever "but her emails" and kept threatening his political opponents with "investigations" ....hows he doing..oh right....they are looking at impeaching his backside. I believe they are calling it."

Another simply added, "You are literally following Trump's playbook step by step. When do the chants start? We deserve better than you."

While many Canadians were not impressed by Scheer’s latest tweet, there was some support for Scheer’s plans to hold Trudeau accountable. One Twitter user wrote, “Many reasons to vote conservative but just to see Justin Trudeau face justice - this promise gets my vote.”

Another added, “He must be held accountable, good on you.”

Canadians will ultimately decide what they think of the Conservative Party leader when Canada heads to the polls on October 21.

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