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Andrew Scheer Has A Secret Life As An Apple Pie Champion

He even revealed his secret pie tips!
Andrew Scheer's The Social Appearance Is A Tell All Into His Personal Life

With the federal election campaign well underway, the party leaders have been going all across the country to appeal to voters. For the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, The Social, a Canadian talk show, was his latest campaign stop and he got super candid. 

The show involves a panel of women chatting about various social issues that affect Canadians. On October 4, Scheer joined the panel to weigh on these issues. Some of the topics included whether kids should attend protests, male friendships, and how to have a civil discussion about politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. 

While there were some awkward moments when the other panellists mentioned abortion and reproductive rights for women, Andrew Scheer simply smiled, sipped his coffee, and changed the topic. 

The awkwardness didn't stop Scheer from revealing some little known secrets and facts about himself. Most surprisingly he told the panel that he is a champion baker. 

While he didn't give a lot of details, Scheer revealed that one year when he was younger back in Saskatchewan he won the Abernethy pie contest. Scheer didn't specify but this likely took place at the Abernethy Agricultural Fair & Exhibition. He even revealed the secret behind his prize-winning apple pie. 

According to Scheer, to make an award-winning pie you need to slice the apples really thinly and then soak them in Amaretto. He also revealed that the key to a good pie is in the crust. He didn't elaborate on how to make it but said that a store-bought crust is a no-go. 

The pie wasn't the only personal detail Scheer was dishing on. He also spilled some information about his family. 

At one point Andrew Scheer was asked how much his five kids know about his political work. He said his oldest son, who is 14 has gotten more involved and knows about the issues more but his younger kids just got by colours. 

Scheer said they know their dad is the leader of the blue team and Justin Trudeau is the leader of the red team. He then said that his kids actually don't wear red during the campaign. 

The final weird detail Scheer revealed on The Social was whether or not he believes in aliens. Despite saying he's a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan, Scheer said he "wants to believe" but doesn't believe in Area 51 or anything like that. 

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