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You Can Swim With Adorable Baby Otters At This Animal Preserve In Louisiana

You'll want to take one home with you.
Animal Preserve In Louisiana Lets You Swim With Crazy Adorable Baby Otters

When you travel to the islands, going on a dolphin excursion is usually on the to-do list. This is a common activity that you can really do on any tropical vacation, but have you ever swam with otters? This exotic animal preserve in Louisiana has a swimming excursion that you have never experienced before. 

Barn Hill Preserve is located in Ethel, Louisiana and its goal is to educate the community about the conservation and rescue of the animals that reside at the location. We'll be the first to tell you, these animals are CUTE. 

Barn Hill specializes in animal encounters so the community can get up close and personal with their animal population. Some animals that you can hang out with are sloths, camels, Eurasian lynx, free-flying macaw and Asian small-clawed otters. 

People from all over the South travel to this location just to experience the Otter Swim Encounter. This spot gives you the option to go on one of these tours and actually get in the water with these adorable creatures. 

You'll start with a tour of the entire facility and learn about these small otters and how they thrive. The last hour of the tour is dedicated to the moment you have all been waiting for: swimming with the otters. 

We forgot to mention that these creatures are the smallest otter species in the world, so they are instantly cuter. You'll get 35 minutes to swim in the pool with them (because would you want someone you don't know in your home for longer than that?).

The otter tours are $154 per person for three hours of an emersed, hands-on experience you cannot get anywhere else. You can bring in your GoPro or other waterproof cameras and take as many pictures as you want.

You have to make a reservation before going because this is a hot activity and you must have three other people in your group in order to go on the tour. 

If this sounds like a dream to you, there are other animal preserves around the state you can visit including this refuge where you can hold alligators and zipline over a full pond of them. There is also an African wildlife preserve where you can go on a safari and be face-to-face with African Savanna animals

Otter Swim Encounter Tour 

Price: $154

When: Weekends

Address: 11342 LA-955, Ethel, LA 70730

Why You Need To Go: Aside from being face-to-face with many exotic animals, you can go on this tour that lets you swim with tiny otters.