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Netflix Canada's YouTube Channel Is Filled With Angry Comments About "Anne With An E"

"Stop this nonsense and RENEW ANNE WITH AN E."
"Anne With An E" Season 3

Easily one of the worst feelings in the world is when you fall in love with a new show, only for it to be cancelled. Unfortunately for Netflix users, this happens way too often, mostly due to the high volume of content that the streaming service puts out.  As of late, many people have been upset that Anne with an E season three will be the show's last.

If you grew up in Canada, chances are very high that you've heard of a book series called Anne of Green Gables, about an adventurous, adopted red-haired young girl who lives on Prince Edward Island.

The show has become such a beloved classic over the years, that back in 2017, CBC put their own spin on it and created Anne with anE, a series that people all over the world quickly fell in love with.

Like with all other Netflix originals, the series was made available worldwide on the streaming service so that more people could enjoy it, which appeared to be a good thing, until the show was recently cancelled after its third season, that is.

It was announced back in November that the hit series had "reached the end of Green Gables road", meaning that Anne with an E would not be returning for a fourth season as fans had hoped.

Since the show was cancelled, fans have been actively campaigning to bring it back, as has happened for some other shows in the past. They were so adamant that they even got #RenewAnneWithAnE trending on Twitter.

Netflix and CBC heard the cries of fans loud and clear, but earlier this week, the show's creator made it very clear that after season three, the series was done.

"Please know that we fought, too... If there was something more to do I would do it," Moira Walley-Beckett wrote on Instagram.

Even this message was not enough for fans though, and they continue to litter Netflix's social media channels with pleas for Anne with an E to be renewed.

[rebelmouse-image 25961100 photo_credit="Netflix | YouTube" expand=1 original_size="1258x504"]

"GIVE ANNE WITH AN E ANOTHER SEASON," one user begged. "Y’all know how this goes by now... renew Anne with an E," commented another.

[rebelmouse-image 25961099 alt="\"Anne With An E\" Season 3" photo_credit="Anne | IMDb" expand=1 original_size="2398x1474"]

Fans of the show are absolutely refusing to give up hope on Anne and the other residents of Green Gables, no matter what Netflix and CBC have to say about it.

As a slight consolation, the streaming service released its list of new content for January yesterday, and by the looks of things, some seriously awesome shows and movies are coming to Netflix in the new year.

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