For many Canadians, Anne of Green Gables is a favourite novel that tells the story of a heroic girl on Prince Edward Island. Over the years, many adaptations of Anne's unforgettable story have come and gone, but one of the most popular is the Netflix original series based on the franchise. In fact, Anne with an E's filming locations are all over Ontario, and you can visit them.

Unfortunately for fans of the show, it was cancelled after just three seasons. Many avid viewers have been actively and aggressively petitioning for Netflix or CBC to save the show, but both the streaming service and the creator of the series have confirmed that the fictional community of Avonlea has closed its gates.

The third and final season of Anne with an E will be released on Netflix later this month for viewers to enjoy, but once you've binge-watched that, you'll obviously be hungry for more of Anne's adventures.

While we may not be getting another season, it is worth noting that the series was filmed right here in Canada at plenty of locations that are open to the public.

You may want to assume that the show was filmed right on P.E.I, but due to budget restrictions, it was actually filmed mostly throughout Ontario, with occasional footage being shot on the island.

One location you can visit is Castle Kilbride in Baden, Ontario. The museum was actually named a National Historic Site of Canada years ago, and it was used for Anne with an E because it fit the time period of the story perfectly.

Another spot in the area that's been featured on the show is New Hamburg's own MeMe's Cafe, located at 102 Peel St.

As you can see in the video above, the show's crew cleverly turned Millbrook, Ontario into Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, classic red roads and all. 

"The shops themselves are actually real shops, and then we just kind of decorate the outside of them to make it look like Charlottetown," series star Amybeth McNulty explained.

Next time you're in Millbrook, be sure to keep an eye out for any familiar sites from Anne with an E.