Annie Murphy Performed A Remix Of "A Little Bit Alexis" With Kelly Clarkson (VIDEO)

Clarkson is a huge "Schitt's Creek" fan.
Annie Murphy & Kelly Clarkson Performed

Schitt’s Creek fans got an epic surprise earlier this week. While making an appearance on the singer’s show, Annie Murphy and Kelly Clarkson performed “A Little Bit Alexis” and it was seriously iconic thanks to Clarkson’s vocal skills.

Murphy plays the role of Alexis Rose on the hit Canadian sitcom. If you forgot where the tune she sang (or more realistically, performed spoken-word to) on The Kelly Clarkson Show originated from, it’s the theme song for her character’s limited reality series of the same name on Schitt’s Creek.

The Canadian actress performed her usual verse, but the show’s host joined in with a verse of her own.

“I’m a classic Bronco. I’m on Texas time. I’m a whole lotta tipsy when I drink fine wine. I got like 20 jobs and I talk a lot. I’m a whole lot married. My man’s so hot,” Clarkson sung on her show earlier this week.

According to EW, the other two guests on the episode were 1917 stars George MacKay and Dean Charles-Chapman. They can be seen clapping along to the catchy “A Little Bit Alexis” beat.

Earlier this month, Clarkson made it very clear that she’s a lover of the Dan and Eugene Levy created series, according to MSN. While presenting the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, the American Idol alum gave an adorable shoutout to Eugene and his show.

“I personally love Eugene Levy. I love you, so just want to say that. Schitt's Creek is the jam,” Clarkson shared before giving the award to Bill Hader.

Plenty of other celebrities have shown big love for Schitt’s Creek since the show premiered in 2015.

New episodes of the final season of the hilarious series are airing every Tuesday night on CBC.