Just last week, it was reported that a 34-year-old Quebec woman went missing while traveling in Burkina Faso in West Africa. Now, it's been revealed that another Canadian has gone missing in Burkina Faso, after the Government of Canada issued travel advisories recommending Canadians against visiting the country. Canadian government officials confirmed today that a Canadian man was reportedly kidnapped in Burkina Faso, according to News1130

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A spokesman for Burkina Faso’s security ministry told News1130 that the Canadian man kidnapped was Kirk Woodman. He reportedly works for Progress Mineral Mining Company, which is a Vancouver-based company. 

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Spokesman Jean Paul Badoum told News1130 today that Woodman was kidnapped overnight when a raid took place on a mining site. It happened in Tiabongou, which is in northern Sahel. 

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland had also said that she knows "serious reports" about the kidnapping of a Canadian man in Burkina Faso, according to CTV News. Freeland told the media in Quebec that the Canadian federal agencies are now in contact with officials in Burkina Faso. She called it a "difficult situation", reports CTV News

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Freeland told News1130 that the Canadian officials are reaching out to the family of the kidnapping victim. "The Canadian agencies involved in this situation are really aware of this situation, and we’ll be in contact with the family,” she told reporters in Quebec.

This news comes soon after a Quebec woman, Edith Blais, and her Italian traveling companion went missing in Burkina Faso last month. Despite the government's travel advisories against visiting the country, Blais went traveling around the country. Her disappearance is now being treated as a kidnapping case

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According to the former director of consular affairs in Canada, Gar Pardy, Canadians often ignore the government's travel advisories. He told CBC News, despite what the advisories recommend, "there are thousands and thousands of Canadians who get themselves in all kinds of trouble around the world."

The Government of Canada's travel advisory for Burkina Faso is still active. The advisory states for Canadians to "avoid non-essential travel to Burkina Faso due to the threat of terrorism". It also advises to completely avoid all travel to certain parts of the country. You can see the full travel advisory on the government's website