Salmonella outbreaks have been plaguing the province the past year. Since May 2017, 556 labotory Samonella outbreaks have been confirmed throughout Canada. Now, the Government of Canada has just warned that a mysterious outbreak of Salmonella has been reported and it's ongoing. 

The Public Health Agency of Canada issued a public health notice on April 5 for an outbreak of Salmonella that is still ongoing. At the moment, the actual source of the outbreak is still unknown and the agency is unable to identify what is causing the outbreak. In fact, this particular outbreak has been ongoing since November 2018 and the reasoning behind it is still a complete mystery. 

To date, illnesses still continue to be reported in multiple provinces. The provinces that are being affected so far are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. 

Out of those who have been affected by this specific outbreak 18 have been hospitalized and two deaths have been reported, although there may have been other contributing causes to those deaths. 

These deaths occured at the Golden West Centennial Lodge in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority told CBC News  that the two who had died in this personal care home tested positive for salmonella. 

The public health inspector attempted to determine how the outbreak began in the home, yet was unable to determine anything that would have lead to that outbreak. 

So far, no food recalls have been announced and what is causing this outbreak still remains a mystery. 

It's not only this most recent outbreak that has landed Canadians in the hospital, or worse. Out of the 556 outbreaks there have been since 2017, 95 hospitalizations have occurred throughout the nation. 

Salmonella is said to make around 87,500 Canadians sick each year. The most common cause of Canadians getting this illness is through uncooked meat. 

Salmonella can affect those of all ages and symptoms include fever, chills, nausea and abdominal cramps that can last up to seven days. Those who experience these symptoms should contact their doctors immediately.