As amazing as it is to travel the world and experience new cultures and meet new people, there really is no place like home. Most of us don't have to worry about getting homesick too often, but celebrities are almost constantly on the road, so when they return home, they're extra appreciative of all the good things it has to offer. Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye is back home in Canada and enjoying all the snacks.

Porowski has had an incredibly busy few months, but recently, he's been celebrating his well-deserved People's Choice Award win. The Canadian Netflix star was voted "sexiest reality TV star" this year, and if you take just one look at him, you'll see exactly why.

For the most part, Porowski stays busy with the filming of Queer Eye in the U.S., and the cast also filmed a special in Japan a few months back. The food connoisseur makes the trip back to Canada whenever he gets the chance, though.

Before the star was born, Porowski's family came to Canada from Poland. He was born in the beautiful and historic city of Montreal back in 1984 and spent much of his childhood learning how to cook and finding a love for food.

Despite not being a classically trained chef, Porowski still knows his stuff when it comes to food, including which Canadian snacks are the best to treat yourself to after spending some time away from home.

Yesterday, Porowski took to his IG story to let his fans know that he's back home in Canada with an adorable airport selfie. After that, he posted a video zooming in on a bag of salt & vinegar Crispers, captioning it "first thing's first".

Next up, he showed off some of his favourite Canadian chocolates like Smarties, and the delicious Aero bar.

Plenty of other Canadian celebrities like Shay Mitchell and Kaitlyn Bristowe have been known to share their love for Canada's snacks on the 'gram, so Porowski definitely isn't alone in his cravings.

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