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Apparently Half Of Alberta Can Barely Pay Their Bills And Here's Why

Recent research has shown that forty-seven percent of Alberta residents are struggling with their personal finances. They can barely pay their bills and they're uncertain about what their financial future will look like. 

Forty-two percent of those surveyed also said that they're finding it difficult to cover monthly expenses, including food. Food banks in Alberta have become increasingly in demand since last year. Of that forty-two percent, almost half of them expect their situation to remain the same, and don't expect it to improve by this time next year.

Nearly half of Albertans have trouble paying their bills.
Only one-quarter think the NDP can get a pipeline built.

April 25, 2018

Jane Brown, the conductor of the survey, says that these are "startling numbers" for Alberta. The amount of Albertans that are struggling this much is unusual and troubling to see. 

The study, conducted by CBC News, surveyed 1,2000 people living in Alberta regarding their concerns about issues in the province and how these issues are affecting their lives. Of those surveyed, nearly everyone expressed concerned about the state of Alberta's economy, especially in the face of ongoing problems with the pipeline.

Alberta premier calls on public to boost support for Trans Mountain pipeline

April 25, 2018

In fact, the pipeline was by far the most mentioned topic in every individual survey. It was at the top of nearly everyone's list of issues. Other issues, like health care and the environment, were barely mentioned. Clearly, nobody's going to care about anything else until the economy improves.

Kinder Morgan protests at the #LPC18 convention

April 20, 2018

Brown explains that many people in Alberta believe that the "future of the economy depends on the ability to build pipelines." Even though Alberta is reportedly coming back from a recession, less than half of those surveyed are certain that the economy will improve by next year. 

One energy worker in Calgary says Alberta's income is "limited" by the pipeline issue. If it gets sorted out, "it opens up a whole range of opportunities."

Source: CBC News

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