In the olden days, aka a couple of decades ago, a lot of jobs didn't require people to sit at a desk all day. Unfortunately, that's just not feasible in our modern world. We're all hunched over our computers, only getting up to go to the bathroom and maybe to warm up our lunch. But if we're working, how are we supposed to walk all day? 

It's not a new theory that sitting is the new smoking. It's been said for the past few years, and it's becoming more and more relevant these days. Several studies have been done and being sedentary most of the day is a risk of early death. 

"We are sitting ourselves to death" is not just a hoax, it's reality. Think about it: you wake up from laying down all night, you go to work and sit in your desk for 8 hours, you drive home or ride the bus while sitting, and you get home and sit on the couch. Now, those of you who exercise, that's amazing. However, the same studies have shown that exercising can't reverse it once you've sat for too long. 

It is scary to think that just because you're doing your job, you're risking your health. However, there are a few things you can do that will help you get up off of your seat so you can get moving. 

Make sure you're drinking a ton of water: When you drink a ton of water, you'll be getting up to go to the bathroom about every half hour. I know what you're thinking, and yes it is annoying. However, it's actually extremely healthy to have to go to the washroom that often if you're drinking that much water. Depending on where your washroom is in your building, or if it's just down the hall in your home, it still makes a massive difference. 

Get an activity tracker: I have a FitBit that vibrates every hour for me to get my steps in. While I can't do that every hour on the hour, it definitely let's me know if I'm not walking enough and when it's time. Even just walking down the hallway a few times will get your muscles moving and will relieve any pain you're having from sitting. 

Take time to stretch: Yoga. The bane of my existence but also the thing that calms me down. I swear, yoga and I have a love/hate relationship. I know it's good for me and my entire body, but I can't stand it. If my body is feeling super tight and achy, I do a sun salutation a few times and it really does help. Even at night when you're about to go to bed, you can do a few yoga poses for 5 minutes just to stretch it out from sitting all day. 

If you're worried that you sit too much, there are things you can do. Even though they say exercise does not resolve the risk of sitting too much, you can make it a point today that you will start taking walks after dinner, or walks at lunch or just take time to move more. Going from sitting all day everyday to incorporating walks can't hurt.