Apple's Latest Commercial Was Actually Filmed In BC & It's Jawdropping (VIDEO)

Our jaws are on the floor.
Apple Commercial Filmed In B.C. Was Shot Entirely On iPhone (VIDEO)
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B.C. is so gorgeous. But you already knew that. To prove how beautiful it is, and to showcase how iconic iPhone cameras really are, Apple made a new commercial. The Apple commercial, filmed in B.C. is filled with breathtaking shots, to say the least.

Our province has it going on. From lush forests and sandy beaches to big city feels, B.C. has literally everything. 

Another truly awe-inspiring feature of the province is our massive mountains and vast backcountry terrain. 

They are something you truly have to see to believe and thanks to a new commercial shot by Apple, you can. 

According to Apple’s YouTube account, the massive company recently shot a brand new commercial entirely on iPhone. 

In order to showcase the quality of their cameras, they chose to film in the gorgeous backcountry area surrounding Baldface Lodge in Nelson, B.C. which is a little over seven hours away from Vancouver. 

The video features X Games snowboarding competitors Red Gerard, Dany Davis, Kimmy Fasani, and Ben Ferguson. 

The entire commercial shows these incredible athletes going to town on this mountain, showing off their skills for a solid two minutes straight. 

If you haven't ventured into the B.C. mountains yet this winter, this video will be all the inspiration you need.

While the snowboarders are no doubt incredible, the scenery is what makes this commercial amazing. 

This untouched backcountry looks like something out of a dream. Seriously, some of the shots don’t even look real. 

The commercial starts off with an aerial shot of the mountain and the four snowboarders. 

Throughout the two-minute-long clip, you see several impressive shots of the snowboarders jumping and shredding their way down the mountain. 

The breathtaking scenery literally looks like something out of Frozen. 

Between the intense amount of fluffy white snow and tall green trees, it is the perfect depiction of why B.C. is so gorgeous this time of year. 

We know that B.C. can be a little cold and snowy, especially this year. But just because you need to wear a couple of extra layers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit. 

If the winter isn’t your thing and you prefer to enjoy from a distance, the summers in B.C. are just as incredible. 

From wineries to beaches, the province is exploding with opportunities and things to do. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer