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Apple's Total Revenue Is Now Almost Equal To Canada's National GDP

Apple passed a milestone in value today, and is now closing in on the worth of Canada's economy.
Apple's Total Revenue Is Now Almost Equal To Canada's National GDP

Today Apple Inc. surpassed the $1 trillion dollar mark in value, showing once again that it is the dominant force when it comes all the companies out there today.

The milestone also means that Apple is worth more than just about any country on the planet, there are only 16 that it is worth less than.

One of those is Canada, but Apple isn’t that far behind us now. 

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Canada’s entire gross domestic product (GDP) is valued at about 1.7 trillion dollars right now.

Let’s keep in mind that Canada was established as a nation way back in 1867 and Apple has only been around since 1976 when co-founder Steve Jobs started running the company in his garage.

It's only taken Apple 42 years to get nearly as big as Canada.  

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Turns out that trading things like lumber and maple syrup is just slightly more valuable than selling iPhones. At least for now.

Apple is quite some ways from completely controlling the world though, to become richer than any country it would have to surpass the GDP of the United States, which is currently sitting at 19.4 trillion dollars.

Apple isn’t safely ahead of everyone else yet, Amazon is currently valued at around 900 billion and is closing in on a trillion steadily as well. 

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As are Google and Microsoft, who are both valued at about $800 billion.

So maybe in 50 years, we’ll all be living in houses we bought from Amazon and filled with Google, Apple and Microsoft products. 

And in 5 years maybe Canada will be worth less than the company that sold you your phone.  

Source: Global