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Apple Invests $13 Million CAD In Greenhouse Gas-Free Initiative In Montreal

The headquarters will be located in Montreal, Quebec.

Apple is one of the first mega companies to take charge by leading other tech companies in an environmentally friendly future.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard joined Apple executives and two manufacturers to announce a new initiative that will change the way tech products are created.

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The manufacturers, Alcoa and Rio Tinto announced a new process to smelt aluminum in a way that is efficient and doesn't cause greenhouse gases.

Alcoa and Rio Tinto are creating a joint venture in Montreal called Elysis, which will help mainstream the process, in hopes that it will be commercially available by 2024.

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In addition to removing greenhouse gases from the smelting process, it will also reduce production costs by 15%!

Apple has been vocal about their aims to be environmentally friendly and move towards being 100% clean energy.

All of the companies, along with the Government of Canada and Quebec have invested a total of $188 million CAD dollars into the initiative. The new business will have its headquarters in Montreal.

Source: Tech Crunch