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Apple Just Launched 3 New iPhones And They're Going To Be More Expensive Than Ever

Not only did Apple completely redesign the iPhone X, they're welcoming two new models.
Apple Just Launched 3 New iPhones And They're Going To Be More Expensive Than Ever

If you've been waiting for a phone upgrade, then today is your lucky day. After months of anticipation, Apple has finally announced new and improved iPhones that they're launching this fall. 

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The main focus at today's keynote event was to share the details for new upgrades in Apple products, including MacBooks, Apple Watches, and of course, the iPhone. Everyone's favourite phone company revealed today that not only have they redesigned the iPhone X, now known as the iPhone XR, they are releasing two new phones under the label of iPhone XS. 

The new iPhone XS is actually pronounced "tennis" and will cost Apple lovers more than ever before. For those who were fans of the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone XS will also be offered in "MAX" size, so people can choose between a larger or smaller version of the phone. The iPhone XS Max does have an extra inch of the display compared to the iPhone 8 Plus. 

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During the keynote event, Apple called the iPhone XS the most beautiful phone they've ever made with the most durable glass yet. That means if you find your constantly dropping your phone, the new XS may be for you! 

Of course, like any decent phone, an upgrade is going to come at a cost and the new iPhones are the priciest ones yet. The iPhone XS starts at $999 USD and the iPhone XS Max will come out to $1,099 USD. Meaning Canadians will have to pay $1,297.95 CAD for the XS and $1427.87 CAD for the XS Max.

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If you've had your eye on the iPhone X since last year, you can now get it the iPhone XR for only $749 USD. That works out to $973.12 for the redesigned model outright.  

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So what's the difference biggest difference between the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max? While the operating system is realistically the same, the size of the device is a major difference. 

The newly designed XR has no home button and has a screen that runs edge to edge just like the XS and XS Max. The phones are more waterproof than ever before, use facial recognition systems, and have an updated camera that is better than ever.

One interesting addition to the XR is multiple colourful finishes, similar to when the iPhone 5C came out! The newest additions will only be available in gold, space grey, and silver. 

The recent redesign of the iPhone X, now being called the iPhone XR, is actually to make one of the world's top tier phones more available to the public. The company noticed that people are no longer upgrading with each release of iPhone, so this allows a greater number of people to have access to an amazing phone at a competitive price. 

The addition of the XS models allows Apple to give dedicated customers a brand new phone that functions better than ever, while still being the deluxe version of the already popular iPhone X. 

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Time to start saving your pennies because a new iPhone is not going to be cheap. Realistically though, most of us would pay just about anything instead of switching to an Android! 

Whether you're a dedicated Apple user or just like your iPhone, we can't wait to see how these new favourites will work in everyday life. You can preorder your iPhone from Apple this Friday, September 14! 

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