Canadians got a very rude awakening today to officially below freezing temperatures. In many parts of the country, Canadians are experiencing the first really cold day of the season. 

In Toronto for example, temperatures are expected to drop drastically throughout the day. By tonight and tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like -20°C with the windchill. It's so cold in the city that Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning.

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Toronto's weather feels like a warm summer day compared to other places in Canada, though. For example, further north in Ontario are already sitting around -19°C and are also expected to go down throughout the day. 

Then there's one Canadian province that is astronomically colder than the rest. When it comes to cold weather, Manitoba definitely got it the worst today. In Winnipeg, the temperature is at -13°C but some parts of the province have a shocking -39.4°C temperature right now.  

Tadoule Lake, Manitoba is currently home to the lowest temperature in Canada. At only -39.4°C it is officially even colder than the North Pole today, where it's only around -20°C. Canada has issued an extreme cold weather warning for Tadoule Lake and nearby Brochet. 

According to the warning issued, the extreme cold is dangerous to everyone, including pets. Environment Canada warns people to watch for symptoms caused by the cold like shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and colour change in fingers and toes.

Not all provinces are suffering the cold. In typical BC fashion, Canada's westernmost province is enjoying above 0 temperatures. In fact, while the coldest place in Canada today is in Manitoba, the warmest place is Sechelt, BC. There it is currently 10.5°C.