IT'S HAPPENING! Everyone stay calm. We've all speculated for years about whether or not Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's chemistry transferred from their music videos into real life, and we finally got our answer. Recent photos and videos of the pair were released and you'll never believe what they show. Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello dating? Fans think they have proof!

Fans have been speculating for years, but rumors started circulating about the two even more after their most recent single Seniorita was released. If you haven't watched that video definitely check it out here

Now just a few weeks after, Shawn and Camila's fans have been blessed with the best 4th of July ever! First, these pictures of the two in West Hollywood were released. They're holding hands and were reportedly heading back to Shawn Mendes' place in California. 

Then shortly after that fans found other videos on Shawn and Camila's friend's social media accounts. They spent their summer day cuddling by the pool! 

Fans are ecstatic but not really shocked. On Twitter it seems like fans of the pair expected this to happen eventually. 

There still has been no official statement from the two or any type of confirmation, but what more proof can we ask for?