Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are moving their relationship along at an incredibly high speed. They went from commenting on each other's Instagram photos, to getting tattoos for each other to getting engaged in literally a flash.

Fans are worried that Ariana's new relationship is doomed because she's head over heels for this guy she's been dating for like three weeks! 

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Well, don't worry guys, Ariana may be in love, but she's still a smart businesswoman. 

According to Hollywood Life, Ariana is making sure that Pete signs an iron-clad prenup before they get married. She's worth millions of dollars and there's no way she's going to get married with a written up agreement. 

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Ariana Grande is reportedly worth around $50 million, she's not going to risk losing that money in a divorce. The source close to Ariana says, "Even though everything is going fast with them right now in their relationship, one thing Ariana is putting together is a prenup."

Even further, the source states that "She knows it is the right thing to do and Pete is completely on board with it and is ready to sign whatever she presents to him."

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Pete has already joked multiple times about how lucky he is to be with her. He recently went on the Jimmy Fallon show and expressed how lucky he is and that being with Ari makes him feel like he won a contest.

We know that Pete is going to do whatever it takes to make Ari happy, even if that means he has to sign a prenup.