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Ariana Grande Just Publicly Destroyed Pete Davidson On Twitter And We Cannot Believe What She Said

The relationship between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson has been a dramatic one to say the least. From announcing their relationship together earlier this year to getting engaged only a few weeks after, the relationship has been moving very fast and very publicly. That is, before news hit that the pair had split a few weeks back, but even then some fans still thought they may be still together because they hadn't confirmed anything themselves- well, Ariana just did and she did not hold back.

That's right, even though Ariana is known by both her fans and many stars as being one of the nicer celebrities in Hollywood, it's clear she's reached her final straw with Pete after she completely dismantled him in three of the most brutal tweets we've seen all year.

It all started after Pete's latest stunt on SNL that was part of the next episode's promotion where Pete made a joke about his recent breakup with Ariana. A fan tweeted the clip noting how unnecessarily petty it was considering how much Ariana has been through:

You would think that with Ariana taking her social media break as well as staying far away from commenting on anything Pete related that the tweet would have just been left alone, especially considering the fan hadn't even mentioned Ariana in the post. Somehow though Ariana found the tweet and quote tweeted it after another fan said that they were Maggie, the woman who denies Pete's proposal in the video.

If you thought that was all, Ariana went a step further, tweeting a series of indirects that were clearly aimed at Pete:

Clearly, this is the confirmation that will shut skeptics down, Pete and Ariana are definitely over. Considering how public Pete has been with their relationship on SNL, most of Ariana's fans are backing her clap back up at the moment. Though we have to wonder if Ariana is petty enough to change the name of the song she named after Pete on her latest album. In the meantime, the artist is making it very clear she's only got one thing on her mind and that's her new album- and we can't wait to hear it.

UPDATE: Ariana has since deleted the tweets from her Twitter profile.

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