Yes, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande aka Hollywood's new "IT" couple are officially engaged.

Earlier today, Pete Davidson confirmed their engagement by posting this photo on Instagram. Now it's Ariana's turn.

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Just a few moments ago, Ariana Grande decided it was time for her to tell her own followers that she's officially engaged. She posted a video of herself singing in the car, licking a lollipop while casually showing off her huge engagement ring.

She's singing along to a song in the video, but it's obvious that the main attraction of the clip is the gigantic diamond sparkling on her finger. We can't get over how amazing this engagement ring is!

Via Instagram/@ArianaGrande

In case you missed it and you need a closer look, here's a clear shot of Ariana showing off her beautiful engagement ring. 

We're so happy for Ariana and Pete! Ariana confessed that her relationship with Mac Miller was extremely toxic, so we're happy that Pete and Ari are in a happy and healthy relationship together.