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Ariana Grande Sticks Up For Ex Pete Davidson After He Posted About Cyber Bullying On His Instagram

Ariana Grande is not going to allow any more bullying towards Pete Davidson.

Ariana Grande may have said Thank U, Next to her exes, but that doesn't mean she wants bad things for them. If you've been living under a rock the past half a year, then you probably wouldn't know that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after a couple weeks of knowing each other, posted about each other non-stop and then broke up in October. Well, Pete Davidson was online bullied that entire time from fans telling him he's not good enough for Ariana to saying she deserves better when they broke up. And he finally took a stand to that on Instagram yesterday

Ariana was pretty quiet on their breakup, besides shading him a couple of times after his skits on SNL. The two do not follow each other on Instagram or any social media anymore, so it's safe to say they're not exactly friends. But Ariana did step in when Pete Davidson had had enough with the online bullying, especially after he got his Instagram account back. Even Ariana's manager Scooter Braun had to step in

On Monday, December 4th, Pete Davidson posted a screenshot of a message he wrote on the Notes app to explain his frustation with Ariana's fans, even though he didn't specifically say them. I mean, come on, we're not dumb. The post, which has 815k likes and 53k+ comments, talks about his mental health issues and how he finds it mind boggling that people aren't more senstitive to that. You can read the post below: 

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Late last night, Ariana responded to Pete's Instagram post while putting it in her own Instagram story. With Pete's message next to hers, Ariana wrote: 

"I know you already know this but I feel I need to remind my fans to please be gentler with others. I really don’t endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity. I care deeply about Pete and his health. I’m asking you to please be gentler with others, even on the internet. I’ve learned through my own mistakes not to be reactive on socials so I do understand, but you truly don’t know what anybody is experiencing ever. Regardless of what they choose to display on social media or how they may appear in public. I can promise you that. So please let whatever point you’re trying to make go. I will always have irrevocable love for him and if you’ve gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point."

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For Ariana to speak up, the toll on Pete must be huge. I can only imagine trying to live your life, and being reminded of things in the past no matter how much you try to move on. In her song 'Thank U, Next', Ariana mentions Pete and says, "Even almost got married. And for Pete I'm so thankful". So, it's safe to say that any drama between the two just doesn't exist. Plus, there was a ton of hidden messages in her Thank U, Next music video that proves they're on good terms. So like what Chris Crocker said about Britney Spears, leave Pete Davidson alone!