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Ariana Grande's Manager Sticks Up For Pete Davidson On His Revived Instagram Account

Pete Davidson revived his disabled Instagram account yesterday, and posted a photo about a new movie he's promoting. The photo and caption had nothing to do with his ex-fiance Ariana Grande, yet that's what all of the comments were about. All 8,000+ comments. 

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In the middle of October, just a few months after Ariana and Pete got engaged, they broke it off. While the real reason has not been revealed, it may be that they just move too fast. It also may be because she was dealing with a lot, especially the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller who sadly passed away at the beginning of September. But it seems like fans still aren't over Pete and Ariana's breakup, even though she wrote a whole new song thanking him. 

But there is someone who is not having any of this negativity around Pete, and that's Ariana's manager Scooter Braun. While Ariana has gone off on Pete Davidson in a few since deleted tweets, Scooter Braun only wants good things for Pete. 

All of the comments were about him and Ariana, but a lot of them we're not nice at all. Someone wrote,"Thank u, next", which is a song Ariana wrote about her exes. Another fan wrote, "Ur cancelled tysm for breaking with Ariana bc she's doing much better BYE" Scooter Braun stepped up to the plate and wrote back to the fan, saying "Stop the bullsh*t. It is nothing like that and Pete is a good dude. No one has hate for this guy and he is a stand up guy. Show respect because trust me everyone on this side knows he deserves it and wishes him well." 

I wonder what Ariana thinks of this! Actually, she's probably too busy working on her iconic music video for Thank U, Next. But let's hope this doesn't make Pete Davidson delete his Instagram again, which would definitely upset his 2.5 million followers. One of which is not Ariana Grande. 

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