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Aritzia Sale Offers Work-From-Home Outfits & That Includes Comfy Sweatsuits

Who says comfy and fashionable don't mix? If you're looking to perfect your business (extra) casual look, you know that athleisure wear is exactly what you need. Thanks to this Aritzia sale, you can pick out the coolest work-from-home clothes that are adorable, moveable, and absolutely acceptable for the public eye if you need to venture out. 

As much as we love dressing up from time to time, comfort is the priority when working from home.

Thankfully, for those of you who're familiar with Aritzia's extensive collection, you know this company doesn't mess around when it comes to style and functionality. Always on-trend, always comfortable. If that's not goals, we don't know what is.  

Whether you're in hoodies, crewneck, or full-on sweatsuits, you can still feel like you're on top of the world in terms of fashion.

The brand's latest deals not only include 20% off of all their clothing and accessories, but you also get free shipping and returns as a bonus.  

This sale is unique because it’s dedicated to giving back to Aritza’s internal community. Until Friday, April 3, all of the proceeds from the sale were going directly to Aritzia employees and their families.

It is something the brand is referring to as The Aritzia Community Relief Fund™, says The Zoe Report

As the entire globe is experiencing loss, financially or otherwise, due to COVID-19, there is no better time to give back in whatever way you can. 

With over $5 million raised, it’s safe to say that people are both ready to support the cause and ready to update those at-home wardrobes.

So there really isn't an excuse for you not to get your hands on that fly sweatsuit you've been eyeing for a long time. Especially when the deals are way too sweet to pass up. 

We don't know about you, but we're never wearing jeans again. 

Boyfriend Hoodie

Original Price: $80

Sale Price: $39.99+

Why You Need It: Skip the blankets and get warm and cozy in a cute oversized pullover hoodie.

The Slim Sweatpant

Original Price: $60

Sale Price: $29.99+

Why You Need It: These ultra-soft pants will keep you cozy throughout the day and keep you totally presentable if you need to hop out for a quick food run.

Atmosphere Short 7''

Original Price: $38

Sale Price: $30.40

Why You Need It: Always feel ready for a quick work-out at any point, whether you actually do it or not.

Warm-Up Crop Sweater

Original Price: $60

Sale Price: $48

Why You Need It: Super smooth, super warm, and a little bit sexy. This crop sweater will make you feel you like a hip hop star and a TikTok star all at once.

Equator Legging

Original Price: $68

Sale Price: $54.40

Why You Need It: It's no secret that leggings are a girl's best friend, so while there is a deal going around, why not take the chance to invest in a flexible, fashionable pair of leggings.

To check out Aritzia's full catalogue of work-from-home attire, click here.

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