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Aritzia's Dog Jacket Is Like A Super Puff For Your Pup & It's Adorable

A Vancouver-based fashion brand just released the most adorable winter layering must-have, but it's not going to fit you. Aritzia's dog jacket is modelled after their iconic TNA Puff line and it's cuter than we ever imagined. Now, the special pooch in your life can stay warm for the winter while looking totally trendy.

Dressing your dog up in a cute sweater is one thing, but making it wear an almost identical outfit to you is another.

The dog puffer vest, officially known as The Super Ruff Puff™, comes in either black or red.

Black is great because it will go with all of your dog's other accessories. Red is great for standing out in a crowded dog park.

According to Aritzia, this is an "insulated, adjustable puffer vest with a zip storage pocket for treats."

If you've ever been on the fence about getting your dog a jacket but haven't' found one with pockets yet, then this is the perfect pick for you.

The vest comes with a detachable hood and it's water-repellent.

If it's a particularly stormy day outside and you don't feel like having a wet dog inside after your walk, just throw on this effortlessly stylish vest for them. 

The vest comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Check out the listing for exact measurements to make sure the super ruff puff will fit.

It's also machine washable making it a practical addition to any dog's wardrobe.

In an Instagram post, Aritzia said that their new jacket is like "a human Super Puff but snack-sized and dog-shaped." While super cute, the actual dog fashion item for sale is a vest with no sleeves.

Just like how Aritzia posts celebs and influencers wearing their gear, they reposed Jiffpom's fashion shot — he's an insanely popular pomeranian dog with almost 10 million followers on Instagram alone.

Last month, Aritzia launched its Mr. Super Puff jacket. It marked their first-ever entry into the menswear game. 

Now, the whole family can have the matching "puff" look.

The Super Ruff Puff™

Price: $65

Why You Need It: You already love the puff, now you can gift it to all the dogs in your life so you're matching.

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