It's time to relax and pour up a cold drink. But don't turn to the beer or cider you always have, because there's a new kid in town. AriZona hard iced tea is a thing, and it's available in Canada right now. It's literally made to be your go-to weekend beverage. 

It's spring and that means it's almost time to sit on your patio with a cold one in hand. 

Weekends mean kicking back and letting off steam.

This weekend, get a few close friends together via video chat and sip away the afternoon on Canada's new Hard AriZona Iced Green Teas. 

Yes, you read that right. Booze-filled AriZona iced teas are a thing. 

If you had childhood then you probably remember AriZona Iced Teas. These classic green tea drinks were amazing and the closest thing we got to a “tall boy” in high school. 

Since everyone is reselling us our childhood, this drink company has decided now was the time to come out with spiked drinks infused with vodka. 

This is the first time these delicious boozy drinks have been available in Canada and right now, you can get your hands on them. 

You can indulge in these new iconic drinks in either single tall cans or regular six-packs. 

Fair warning, liquor stores may be sold out since this drink is in high demand. We suggest checking online before you travel around the city to go get them. 

Although the hard version of the drink costs a little more money than the classic 99-cent tall can, it is worth every penny. You can expect to pay $3.49 for a can in British Columbia, for example, and it looks almost identical to the can we're used to with no alcohol in it. 

But be careful. These drinks don't taste like they have any vodka in them, so be sure to take it slow. 

Word about this new summer drink travelled incredibly fast, to the point where AriZona didn't even have to do any marketing. 

All they did was reply to a tweet confirming any rumours, and the cat was out of the bag

Ever since then, everyone has been scrambling to get them. 

Next time you head out to pick up the essentials, you will definitely want to add this drink to the list. 

Or, just skip all the hassle and order directly to your door.