This Secluded Hot Spring In Arizona Is Perfect For A Getaway This Fall

There's a hidden oasis nestled inside a breathtaking slot canyon perfect for a getaway this fall. Although there are many resorts around Arizona, hiking to a hot spring will make for an amazing adventure. The Arizona Hot Spring will offer a unique experience unlike any other. 

The hot spring is heated naturally by geothermal temperatures of the earth and the water temperature is between 111 and 120 F. You can reach these springs by hiking up the Arizona Hot Spring trail. It's about 6 miles round trip and is closed during the summer due to extreme heat, so plan accordingly. The trail is currently closed until Sept. 30, due to weather conditions.

The best times to hike here are fall, winter, and spring when the weather is cooler. If you take the White Rock Canyon trail you'll have to climb a ladder to reach the springs. There is a $25 vehicle fee to enter into Lake Mead. You'll also find parking at the trailhead. 

The hike to this surreal hot spring can be tough, so it's best to plan ahead. What's great is that the Colorado River is nearby so you can enjoy the water there if the spring gets too hot for you. 

During your hike, you'll encounter lots of different native plants and even some native wildlife. Some people even bring their pets along!

If you don't know your way around you can even go on a guided hike tour. It's also possible that you won't have cell service.

You can make a weekday or weekend trip here. It's even a great hike to take for a mini getaway this fall. Whether you're with your best friends or S/O you'll surely have a unique experience. 

Arizona Hot Springs

Price: $25 per vehicle

Location: Lake Mead, AZ

Why you should go: This naturally heated spring is a perfect getaway. You can take a fall hike here and relax in the spring to celebrate your successful hike. 


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.