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7 Places In Arizona That Are Cheaper To Live In Than California

Living in the city doesn't have to break the bank.

If you love everything about the Golden State except the high cost of living, you're probably thinking of places to move to that are cheaper. Arizona's cost of living is much more affordable than California. Plus, it's a great place to live if you want to visit the west coast from time to time. 

With the west coast's beaches only around five hours away from the city of Phoenix, the state has seen an influx of California residents moving to surround states to escape high taxes and cost of living. 

According to Forbes, "Arizona has the highest minimum wage in the country, once adjusted for cost of living." On average, the median price to buy a home in Arizona is $272,626 whereas California prices see upward of $561,325 as reported by Zillow

Whether you're looking to buy or rent a home or apartment, we've found a list of places in the Grand Canyon State that are cheaper to live in than California. 


Price: Approx. $906 for a 761 square-foot apartment

Location: Tucson, AZ

Why you need to go: If you compare the cost to apartments in Riverside, CA, averaging around $1,594 for an 846 square-foot space, you're saving a nice chunk of cash.



Price: Approx. $1,026 for a 793 square-foot apartment

Location: Glendale, AZ

Why you need to go: This is an ideal place to live especially if you want to be right near the city. It's about 20-minutes away.



Price: Approx. $1,094 for an 818 square-foot apartment

Location: Mesa, AZ

Why you need to go: Just east of Phoenix is this town boasting farm to table dining and outdoor fun in the Sonoran Desert.



Price: Approx. $1,123 for an 801 square-foot apartment

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Why you need to go: From booming nightlife and hidden bars to colorful street murals, the city is always a great place to visit.



Price: Approx. $1,214 for a 923 square-foot apartment

Location: Peoria, AZ

Why you need to go: If you're a fan of quiet living and suburban life, this is the perfect spot for you.



Price: Approx. $960/rent a month for an apartment

Location: Prescott, AZ

Why you need to go: This historic town has a boulder-filled lake that you can paddleboard or kayak on.



Price: Approx. $1,217/rent a month for an apartment

Location: Tempe, AZ

Why you need to go: Home to the ASU campus, this city definitely knows how to have fun.


The approximate prices are solely based on estimates.