If you're looking for a big adventure in a smaller setting, this tiny spot is just the place to visit. Room 4 Bar is Arizona’s smallest bar, and also its most intimate thanks to the fact it only fits four barstools and a tiny table for two. You can swing in for a boozy treat and brag about officially visiting the state's most miniature watering hole.

Located in Bisbee, Arizona, this tiny bar has only four barstools, but enough boozy treats to keep you happy during your whole stay.

Room 4 Bar is nestled on the second floor of the Silver King Hotel, right near the lobby.

Its only 100 square feet, but the bar hosts music local to the area, as well as a bar stocked with plenty of spirits to make your favorite cocktail.

A table for two takes up one corner of the tiny space, perfect for a privates sip or two of your favorite drinks while you watch the comings and goings of the other patrons.

You might not want to spend a long time nursing your refreshments if it's busy, as the one-person bar can be hard to get to if it gets crowded.

But the vibes inside are friendly, and the feeling that comes from officially visiting the Grand Canyon state.

Before it was a bar, the room wasn’t much more than storage space. In 2009 it was turned into the saloon and refrigeration system.

Now almost anyone in town will point you towards the small bar that sits four people comfortably, and it is a stop worth making.

The mirrors around the room make it look bigger, and the twinkling Christmas lights give it a homey vibe that invites you to take a load off and stay awhile (just not so too long that others can squeeze in).

You can catch live music throughout the week, and they post their upcoming acts on their Facebook page.

Across the street sits the town’s oldest bar so that you can stop for a sip at both for an authentic taste of history and an excellent experience.

Room 4 Bar

Price: 💸

Address: 43 Brewery Ave., Bisbee, Arizona

Why You Need To Go: You can visit Arizona's smallest bar and treat yourself to a boozy cocktail while you check this (tiny) adventure off your list.