On Wednesday, Governor Doug Ducey gave an in-depth speech on Arizona's stay-at-home order and the state's next steps. Some of these measures include a plan on when residents can expect dine-in services to resume. The best-case scenario is that you can start eating at your favorite restaurant as early as May 12. 

"Our goal is to do this sometime in May. We are aspirational at this time. The best-case scenario, according to the [restaurant] industry, would be on May 12," Ducey said during his live update on COVID-19 in Arizona. 

Just yesterday, the governor extended Arizona's stay-at-home order to May 15 with some modifications. 

Restrictions on industries such as retail will see voluntary and gradual ease with reopenings set to begin on May 4.

Retail stores can begin a partial reopening to include curbside pickup, delivery, and appointment-based services. By May 8, strict physical distancing requirements and the implementation of health protections and CDC guidelines will also be put in place as businesses slowly reopen. 

"We're concerned most, not only with our most vulnerable and our public health but also with our small and medium business owners," Ducey said. 

In addition to the gradual opening of retail businesses, Ducey said that "we have a goal" and a plan being released next week that's in cooperation with the restaurant industry. 

The state's goal is to reopen dine-in services sometime in May with the best-case scenario being May 12, according to the industry. 

Additional information on detailed next steps will be available next week and "will be developed in coordination with public health officials."

Moving forward, Ducey is confident that if Arizona as a whole is "responsible, thoughtful, methodical, we will be the brightest light economically."

As of today, Arizona has 7,648 confirmed cases, 446 of which are new for today, April 30, 2020.

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