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Arkells Are Giving Online Music Lessons To Locked-Down Canadians & It's Way Too Pure

Cooler than the proverbial Leather Jacket.
Arkells' Music Lessons Might Be The Cutest Thing To Come Out Of Self-Isolation

With Canadians having to stay home and finding other ways to entertain themselves right now, it might be the time to learn a new musical instrument. And, particularly, with the help of Arkells' music lessons. The Ontario band is teaching music lessons while they self-isolate, which they've called the "Flatten The Curve Music Class."

The popular group from Hamilton, Ontario, has been offering the classes as a way of engaging fans while everyone is locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing.

The band joins live on its Instagram account, and you can join in as you strum away on your guitar.

Vocalist and frontman Max Kerman explained that the band posts the sheet music to the song on their social media before "class" starts.

According to CBC, Kerman then hits up Instagram live where his music students are able to join and even ask the band questions about the song.

“We are doing it at 1 p.m. every day,” said vocalist Max Kerman to City News.

"If everybody hunkers down here for the next little bit and is well behaved and does the right thing and does what we’re told, we can get on with the fun," Kerman added, per CTV News.

"It's a way to ultimately feel engaged and still feel a sense of community in a time where you can't see people face-to-face," he continued.

Guitar isn't the only lesson on offer, either. Kerman's fellow band member Anthony Carone also dropped in with some keyboard tips and tricks for future musicians.

As for the class name, the "flatten the curve" term refers to the epidemiological graph of a disease outbreak, and specifically, policies (such as isolation) which are aimed at slowing the spread of a disease.

Maybe one day, if the call to self-isolate continues, a special guest may phone in?

Yes, we're thinking of Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse, who could totally join Arkells via Instagram Live.

After all, he's been working with the band, making new songs.

We all know by now that Nurse knows how to play the guitar pretty damn well. Well enough, in fact, for the Arkells to have him join them on stage.

We also can't help but wonder whether Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has been watching his BFF Kerman on social media these recent days.

Whether or not we see another Arkells-Toronto sports collab, this has surely got to be one of the most wholesome things to come out of this whole situation so far?

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