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Ashley Tisdale Is Exploring Banff National Park This Week (PHOTOS)

She even went hiking in her Louis Vuittons!
Ashley Tisdale Is Exploring Banff National Park This Week (PHOTOS)

If you ever make the journey out to the Western half of Canada, one of the many spots you absolutely can't miss out on is Banff. The Rocky Mountains have so much to offer, from hiking trails and kayaking trips to beavertails and candy stores! Ashley Tisdale's Banff National Park trip looks like the perfect way to end summer.

Now that the last long weekend of summer is creeping up on us, people are doing everything that they can to make sure they make it a memorable one. Hitting up patios for drinks, heading out to the mountains for a hike, or going out on one last camping trip are all great options. Even your favourite celebrities are getting in on the long-weekend fun!

Yesterday afternoon, High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale posted the above photo to her Instagram. Based on the beautiful view, it looks like she just finished hiking up a mountain, although she didn't tell her followers exactly where it was that she was hiking.

As it turns out, Tisdale has actually been spending some time in Alberta's Banff National Park. She revealed via her Instagram story this morning that she was kayaking on the stunning blue water of Lake Louise with her friend and fellow actress, Kim Daugherty.

[rebelmouse-image 25945878 photo_credit="ashleytisdale | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="828x1792"]

The duo seems to be having a blast in Banff. Yesterday they took a ride on the famous Banff Gondola before heading off on their hike, and today they went full tourist mode while kayaking on Lake Louise. The day is still young, so who knows what else they'll get up to?!

Tisdale has been tagging the popular fast-fashion brand Revolve in a lot of her posts, along with the hashtag #revolvearoundtheworld, so I think it's safe to say that she and Daugherty are on vacation in partnership with the company. Hey, any excuse to spend some time in the Rockies is good enough for us!

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