Canada is in for a major change starting today. The Prime Minister announced a full assault weapons ban across the country. This will even include the guns used in the recent Nova Scotia shooting.

In a May 1 press conference, Justin Trudeau, along with Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair, laid out some of the specifics of the newly imposed ban.

The subject of the shooting that took place in Portapique, Nova Scotia was brought up, along with the fact that the guns used by the shooter were obtained illegally.

While stating that the information about the types of guns falls under the RCMP's investigation, Blair stated that they had made the list of weapons that would be banned.

"Every firearm begins legally and then moves into an illegal market," he said, "and I can say with some confidence that the two long guns that were involved in that investigation, without identifying them, are included on today's list."

That list includes 1500 models of assault-style weapons that will no longer legally be allowed in the country.

Blair also indicated that any new legislation will be written to be "evergreen," allowing for changes to the particulars of the ban.

"As new weapons are introduced into the market, Canada will be able to respond quickly to ensure that only those weapons which are safe for use in this country will be available to Canadians," he said.

The new regulations allow for a two-year amnesty period, in which Canadians who own these types of guns can keep them, but they are not allowed to use them.

Trudeau, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland acknowledged there are many responsible firearm owners in the country, including farmers and target shooters.

However, they noted that assault-style weapons are not meant for these purposes.

"You don't need an AR-15 to bring down a deer," Trudeau said.