Saskatchewan Has A Giant Sand Dune Park That They're Hiding From The Rest Of Canada

Camping is free!
Saskatchewan Has A Giant Sand Dune Park That They're Hiding From The Rest Of Canada

When we think of Canadian terrain, we normally picture snow. But little did we know that a desert landscape exists right in the middle of the country. The Athabasca Sand Dunes in Saskatchewan prove that Canada has got nearly every ecosystem covered. 

The dunes are located in the north-western part of the province right by Lake Athabasca.

It's part of the Athabasca Sand Dune Provincial Park, and due to the rough terrain, the park is only accessible by either boat or floatplane.

You can take a floatplane from the nearby cities of Uranium City, Fond Du Lac, and Stony Rapids.

Rather than just day tripping, you can set up shop for a couple of nights in those cities and get to see the other natural wonders the province of Saskatchewan has to offer. 

Length-wise, the sand dunes go on for approximately 100 kilometres, so you're going to feel completely immersed in the surroundings. 

You'll feel like you're in the Sahara and you don't even need to leave the prairies. 

Some of the dunes go as high as 30 meters. It looks just as wild as it sounds.

The entire destination is a total mystery to many scientists. According to Tourism Saskatchewan, "scientists consider the dunes an evolutionary puzzle." 

But their puzzle is your paradise because you can hitch a ride to this unique haven whenever you're ready. 

Tourism Saskatchewan tells the public that spending time among the dunes should be reserved for experienced wilderness adventurers.

So if you've marked off most of the items on your bucket list and you feel confident enough to skip around on these dunes on your own, you're good to go.

The best way to see the dunes is through guided tours that are offered in the area.

Whereas independent travellers are told to be fully precautious and be sure to be fully equipped for potential hazards in the park. 

As there are no on-site services in the park itself, visitors must check in with a conservation officer before they venture into the park. 

You can also camp out in the park and it's totally free. 

Whether you're a Saskatchewan local going on their fifteenth trip or you've travelled all the way across the country to see the dunes for yourself, you're going to love this. 

Athabasca Sand Dunes

Address: Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Why You Need To Go: Feast your eyes on the biggest active sand desert in Canada. 

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