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There are more than 300 athletes on Canada's Olympic team competing for the country in Tokyo, so if you've got Olympics fever, there are lots of ways to get your fix besides just watching the events.

Here are seven Canadian Olympians you should follow on TikTok and Instagram to get an all-access look at the Games and see their journeys as they try to win gold.

Shallon Olsen


Good morning from Japan! 🇯🇵 Ready for my first mock meet before the Games! 🤩 #fyp #olympics #2020 #2021 #gymnastics #つまみ食いチャレンジ #summer #hot #bama

Age: 21

Hometown: Surrey, B.C.

Olympic Sport: Gymnastics - Artistic

TikTok: @shallonolsen

Instagram: @shallon_olsen

Caeli McKay

Age: 22

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Olympic Sport: Diving

TikTok: @caelimckay

Instagram: @caemckay

Charity Williams

Age: 24

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Olympic Sport: Rugby

TikTok: @charitywilliams_

Instagram: @charitywilliamss

Alannah Yip

Age: 27

Hometown: North Vancouver, B.C.

Olympic Sport: Sport Climbing

Instagram: @alannah_yip

Rosie MacLennan

Age: 32

Hometown: King City, ON

Olympic Sport: Gymnastics - Trampoline

Instagram: @rosiemaclennan

Janine Beckie


Japan day ✌🏼 #fypシ #dancechallenge @juliagrosso7 @jordynhuitemaa @deannecynthia_

Age: 26

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO, USA

Olympic Sport: Soccer

TikTok: @janinebeckie

Instagram: @janinebeckie4

Jeremy Hazin

Age: 21

Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON

Olympic Sport: Table Tennis

TikTok: @jeremyhazin

Instagram: @jeremyhazin

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