You Can Create The Ice Cream Sandwich Of Your Dreams At This New Atlanta Shop

Say bye-bye to your average ice cream sandwich.
You Can Create The Ice Cream Sandwich Of Your Dreams At This New Atlanta Shop

As a kid, many of us were rewarded with ice cream sandwiches in the summer (if we were good). The classic ice cream sandwich seems like a thing of the past. In today's age, shops have revamped this classic treat. This new Atlanta location falls under this category by creating handmade, cookie ice cream sandwiches. 

Cathy's Ice Cream Sandwiches will be the first location in the entire state. It will be occupying space at The Interlock in West Midtown Atlanta. The first-ever location opened in 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio by Spelman College graduate Catheryn Greene.

These ice cream sandwiches are not your average dessert. These are gourmet treats that you will want to get time and time again. The location that she is moving her delicious business into is 1,000-square-feet so you will have plenty of room to hang out with a bunch of friends while indulging in sweets. 

The cookies are made from scratch every morning with locally sourced ingredients. When you walk into the location, you might feel like you stepped foot into your grandma's house, smelling fresh baked cookies the entire time you are there. 

If you get too addicted to Cathy's Cookies, you can actually take home their homemade cookie dough. This way, you can eat their delicious cookies any time of the day or night, at your sugary convenience. A pint of dough is only $8. 

Some cookie flavors include chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and ginger molasses. There are more than 15 different ice cream flavors you can choose to put between your cookies so choose wisely (or try them all). You can pick from creative flavors like black cherry, banana pudding and white chocolate truffle. 

After you pick your cookies and ice cream, you have to choose your toppings. You can get Fruity Pebbles, Oreos or classic sprinkles rolled onto the outside and all-around your ice cream. 

The cookie sandwich is only $7.00 and they also have vegan options, too. If you do not want any cookies and just ice cream, you can get a single or a double scoop of whatever flavor you want. These run from $4.00 to $5.00.

An official opening date has not been confirmed, but this amazing place will be here sooner than we know. Being such a hit in Ohio, it is sure to be a hit in Atlanta. While we wait on the opening of this treat, you can check out the Ice Cream Festival next week and happily get brain freeze from all the ice cream you can handle. 

Cathy's Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Price: $1 - $8

Address: The Interlock in West Midtown Atlanta 

Why you should go: It is a specialty ice cream sandwich shop with fresh baked cookies and handmade ice cream in the middle.