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A Pokémon Pop-Up Bar Is Coming To Atlanta This Fall And You Can Battle Live

Like much of our generation, you probably thrived as a kid playing Pokémon cards and catching them all. You might still even see people playing PokémonGo, all the rave in 2016. You'd better bring your inner child back out because a PokéBar pop-up is coming to Atlanta in October, and you don't want to miss it

At the Pokémon pop-up in Atlanta, get rid of your phone for the day because you will be catching Pikachu and Jigglypuff in real life, collecting points to be the ultimate trainer in the state. On October 12th and 13th, you can track down all the creatures and characters in  an obstacle course covering the seven regions of the Pokémon Universe, each region taking about two hours to complete.

Is your inner child screaming with excitement yet? You can catch your favorite Pokémon through trivia, card battles, action stations, giant interactive games — all to win points and evolve your Pokémon, according to the event's website

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If you are more into watching people catch them all, you can still come and enjoy the atmosphere. You can wear your best costume to try and win "Best Dressed" to receive a few prizes. 

Tickets to this awesome pop-up bar are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but we have a secret for you: if you sign up for the event on their website, you can be among the first to get tickets when they go on pre-sale. 

Ticket prices also include a specialty burger (they will have vegetarian options) and a drink, which is obviously Pokémon-themed, as well as participation in games. 

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You can also purchase themed mixed drinks, wine, or beer to keep your night going. 

This event is so Instagrammable that you will probably have your phone out the entire time. From the food, to the drinks, to the insane costumes people arrive in. It is sure to be a great time for everyone. 

After you finish training your Pokémon, you can head to this cheesesteak joint for dinner that will make you feel like you are right in Philly, keeping with the theme of being transported somewhere awesome. 

The location of the pop-up has not been set yet. As the event nears, the party's location will be announced. Grab your friends and see who can catch and train the most and the best creatures in the Universe. 

PokéBar Pop-Up

Price: $55

Why you should go: All of your childhood dreams are coming to life as you try to be the best Pokémon trainer in all the state. This pop-up event has many activities, as well as Pokémon themed food and drinks. 


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