Normally when you go away on vacation, drama seems to cease but of course that’s the complete opposite of what happened. Our heads are still spinning from last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Twitter shares our same sentiment. The Twittersphere is hot, still trying to process all that went down between the ladies of Atlanta. 

Last night’s episode resumed with the ladies in Toronto for Carnival. The glitz and glamour of the lavish Carnival costumes would normally be the star of the show, but their beauty took a backseat to the on-and off-screen drama. 

The prominent theme for this season is discovering who took a secret audio recording of Cynthia bashing Nene, and the cast is convinced it’s Yovanna. On the flip side, the Internet isn't so convinced. 

Being the generation of Internet detectives, Twitter uncovered secret interviews where Cynthia allegedly stated that the real snake is completely unexpected.  

This dedicated detective tweeted, "Hovanna ain't the snake. Everyone on the inside keeps saying 'It's a surprise who it is, you'll be shocked.' Everyone literally assumes it's her and that wouldn't be a shock." 

Another user suspects, "Tanya is the snake... Yohanna is too obvious." Every cast member's name is now being thrown around, including the beloved Tanya. 

In the name of healthy relationships, the Internet is keeping every finger and toe crossed that Porsha refuses Dennis asking her to marry him again — after he cheated while she was pregnant. 

The episode filmed him getting down on one knee to propose but cut Porsha's reaction. 

One Twitter user looked into their crystal ball and predicted "she's finna say yes." But we'll have to keep up with this messy season for this to be revealed officially. 

Rewind to last season's drama on-and off-screen, when Porsha posted texts from Nene where Nene body-shamed Porsha for her post-baby bod.

In a deep conversation with Eva, Nene defended herself, saying that Porsha leaking those texts is like revenge porn. To say everyone is confused would be an understatement. 

Twitter was then flooded with recaps of her statement followed by multiple "girl please" and her infamous "girl bye." 

Tanya is only a part-time cast member, but she’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. All self-proclaimed RHOA fans are in agreement that her energy is contagious, that she’s pretty, drama-free, and that her hubby isn't too bad to look at.  

An active watcher tweeted, "Tanya is literally a breath of fresh air on the show. I love her energy, her husband is foineeee and she's beautiful with a beautiful life. I see why sis comes off so happy, mamas is blessed!"

All the planning she put into making Toronto Carnival a hit did not go unnoticed. 

For three weeks now, the world has gotten a glimpse of a hotel brawl between Kenya and Nene without seeing the entire fight.

Bravo and Andy Cohen are being blamed for the waiting game, Twitter suspects, with a user angrily stating, "Andy Cohen pushing this hotel room fight back ANOTHER WEEK."

Fans are legitimately upset that they were played yet again, with no fight being shown. Although it's destined to air next week, patience is something the world is struggling with. 

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