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Atlanta Is Getting An All-New Poke Spot That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Hawaii

It's 2019 and there are dozens of ways to eat sushi. The creative sushi revolution in America has us eating crazy good sushi shapes like donuts, burritos, corn dogs and pizza. But perhaps the best way to eat it is the Hawaiian way; jam-packed into a massive healthy bowl of customizable freshness and flavor. This new poke restaurant opening in Atlanta in 2020 will have your body (and tastebuds) thanking you for a fresh and healthy Hawaiian adventure.

Aloha Poke Co. operates 18 restaurants nationwide in places like Illinois, Washington D.C., Florida, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Its first location was in a tiny spot at a Chicago train station and has since gained popularity resulting in expansion across the U.S. Its delicious menu filled with fresh and colorful ingredients for your one-of-a-kind custom creation is making its way to the A and we couldn't be more excited. The ATL location is expected to open in 2020 so keep your eyes peeled for Narcity to update details when possible. 

Aloha has best-of-the-best fresh ingredients including wild-caught tuna straight from the Pacific Ocean that is prepared fresh everyday. They obtain their salmon from clean and sustainable farms in Norway and Chile that allow the fish to keep their naturally high levels of oil and fat, resulting in optimal taste and texture. 

Aloha's variety-packed menu includes a P.Y.O.B. (Pack Your Own Bowl) concept that involves a base of white rice, brown rice or mixed greens. Then you choose from proteins including ahi tuna, salmon, chicken, shrimp or tofu (don't be afraid to mix and match here). You can have your protein prepared naked and raw or marinated with sesame and shoyu. Then come the toppings to add a mix of textures and flavors for a mouth-watering creation. Toppings include cucumber, maui onion, edamame, pineapple, tobiko, avocado, seaweed and more. 

If you are having a hard time deciding what to add to your bowl, you can choose from three pre-conceptualized bowls: Aloha, Volcano or Crunch. The Aloha bowl, a fresh fan favorite, is topped with pineapple, cucumber, scallions, jalapeno, maui onion and sesame vinaigrette.

The folks at Aloha encourage all their guests to #GetSauced. They have wonderful sauces made in house to add a crucial kick to the finishing touches. These include the volcano sauce made with chili and ponzu mayo, a japanese citrus ranch and a horseradish and wasabi sauce. 

Aloha is all-inclusive, meaning they offer options to suit every diet and lifestyle including paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian and gluten-free. Whether you and your friends are health nuts, flavor junkies, spice-lovers or all the above, you are definitely in for yummy treat with Aloha's poke bowls.

Assuming you are a sushi fiend, we urge you to check out this sushi hot spot in Atlanta with movie-themed rolls and these savory Korean hotdogs right outside the city.

Aloha Poke Co.

Price: $10-$20

Address: TBD

Why You Need To Go: To get a taste of Hawaii right here in Georgia by enjoying a customizable creation of fresh fish and flavorful toppings

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