Fingers Crossed That Ariana Grande Won't Cancel Her Atlanta Show Tonight

Poor things seems to be sick still.
Fingers Crossed That Ariana Grande Won't Cancel Her Atlanta Show Tonight

Our favorite popstar has fallen ill this past week, causing a bit of a kink in the Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour. Ariana had to cancel her Kentucky show on Sunday and has been keeping fans updated on her health status via social media. She feels so much remorse for her sickness but fans are flooding her social with well wishes.

There has been no talk from Ariana, her people or State Farm Arena of canceling her Atlanta show tonight, but the sickness seems to be one she can't shake.

She revealed through several Instagram stories in the past week that she is sick and having trouble breathing on stage. She stated that she has felt ill since her last London show in October, so it may be more serious than we think. 

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She even posted recent stories of herself doing breathing treatments and revealed that she has had IV drips and "doing everything I possibly can to pull through."

She loves her fans and doesn't want to disappoint them, but if the girl can't breathe, we've got to give her a break!

Hopes are high because in a tweet this morning, Ariana expresses that she loves her fans and that she will see them tonight.

Twitter fans are all about self-care for the popstar, showing an overwhelming amount of support for her health and well-being.

There are no details about about canceling her show tonight at State Farm Arena but her recent Instagram stories show that she is drinking hot tea, watching movies and hanging out with her dog.

Hmm, seems like she still may be a bit under the weather. But we're hoping, praying and crossing our fingers that she is feeling better and can put on an awesome show in ATL tonight. 

We hope that Harry Styles and Niall Horan don't get sick during their 2020 tours; you'll definitely want to attend because tickets are less than $50!

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