Working from home is becoming the new normal. If you're trying to make this new norm a permanent career change, there are many remote companies hiring right now all around the US. You can start your next Atlanta acting job from your couch with this online company. 

Bid Blab is a company located out of Boulder, Colorado and they're hiring three "Social Media Influencing" positions immediately. 

This company is a social auction platform where you bid for high-end popular products and services that are up to 90% off retail value. You can find items like iPhones, Nintendo Switches and Visa gift cards. 

These specific position holders are responsible for promoting this company on their different social media platforms to engage and connect people to this start-up company.  

Living in Atlanta, there are opportunities around every corner to get your influencing career off the ground.

With all the hit movies and series that are filmed here, including Stranger Things and Ozark, there are so many opportunities to be an extra and get your name on the map.

While you're waiting for the social distancing and the self-quarantine to be over, you can kickstart your influencing career with this remote company and work straight from your couch. 

As an influencer, you must be able to multi-task very well, see the big picture of projects, be familiar with all social media platforms and know how to use Microsoft Office as well as Google Docs.  

The job description states, "A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in and has access to an audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach."

You could get paid up to $120,000 per year if hired. If you have marketing experience, as well as managing experience, and super organized, this influencing position might be the perfect match for you.