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Atlanta Brewery Collabed With King of Pops For A Fruity Beer Perfect For The Summer

Being an adult should always be this fun.

Atlanta really loves beer. That can probably explain the many breweries across Georgia. We also love a 21+ party and a good time. So imagine Georgians surprise and excitement when one of the most popular breweries, New Realm, and the beloved ice pop shop, King of Pops, collabed on a new fruity flavor for the summer. 

This new brew was released last week from New Realm Brewing as a part of their "Push Cart Series" campaign of fun, new flavors for the summer parties. King of Pops is loved by kids, sure, but probably loved by adults more with the many alcoholic beverages that are included in special King of Pop stands. So the collab with New Realm is fun and very on brand.

The new flavor is properly called "BGL" after the main ingredients from the pop its inspired by: blackberry, ginger and lemon. The Belgian-style ale is a summery amber-pink and has a sweet and sour taste to it with a finish that hints of hops bitterness. Sounds like the perfect drink to have in hand while laying poolside or hitting up a friend's barbeque. 

Carey Falcone, co-founder of New Realm, told the Beer Street Journal, the BGL pairs beautifully with their Belgian Blonde Ale. They just knew this was going to be a real winner.

The can has 7.2% alcohol so drink responsibly as this one may just creep up on you after 2 or 3. If you're really in for a wild time, you can take notes from the party goers from the release party. By taking the inspired popsicle and dunking it into your cup of BGL, you are in for a cold, sweet and refreshing beverage.

BGL is available as a 12-ounce six pack (cans) for a limited time so you should really pick up a case, like, yesterday. If you're not really a can person, grab a few friends and go to the New Realm Brewing at 550 Somerset Terrace where they have BGL on draft. This can easily be your drink for the summer so definitely find you a pack and hit the beach this weekend. 

New Realm Brewing Company

Price: $10.99/pack

Address: 550 Somerset Ter NE Ste 101, Atlanta, GA 30306

Why you should go: The new beer collab with King of Pops is the perfect summer drink. It's a fun mix of blackberry, ginger and lemon with finishes of hops.