This Cute Shop In Georgia Serves You Bubble Tea With A Cloud Of Fluffy Cotton Candy

Bubble tea only gets better with cotton candy on top.
Atlanta Bubble Tea Doesn't Get Better Than This Duluth Spot

Bubble tea has been all the rage in the Atlanta area for quite some time. Who wouldn't love sweetened tea that comes in tons of different flavors with even more add-ons? If you love to customize your drinks, Atlanta bubble tea is a dream come true. However, bubble tea gets even better when you get to combine it with one of your favorite candies.

Make your way over to Vivi Bubble Tea in Duluth to get a taste of something completely new. You can order your bubble tea as you normally would, but here, it comes out topped off with a huge serving of dreamy cotton candy.

First of all, these bubble teas taste amazing. Who wouldn't love their already milky deliciousness paired with their favorite childhood treat? On top of the taste, they look incredible too. You're definitely going to want to snap a few pictures before you start going in on the cotton candy.

There are so many flavors to choose from, whether you want your tea with the cotton candy or not. There's the Oreo creme brulee, the flaming brown sugar milk, and the red bean matcha milk tea, just to name a few.

If you're getting cotton candy, you may not want your tea to be too sweet on top of all the candy you're eating. Luckily, this place lets you select your level of sweetness, so it's customized to exactly what you want to drink.

Bring your friends with you so they can be a part of the fun. They can take your picture too, of course.

Vivi Bubble Tea

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Bubble tea

Address: 3875 Venture Drive Suite A3, Duluth, GA 30096

Why You Need To Go: They have bubble tea topped with cotton candy.

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