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We Know Where These 6 Famous Celebs Like To Hangout In Atlanta

From Cardi B To John Mayer.
We Know Where These 6 Famous Celebs Like To Hangout In Atlanta

Many don't realize that Atlanta is actually crawling with celebs. Now that the city is basically a southern version of Hollywood, there are always tons of A-listers filming here or touring for concerts and festivals. There are tons of O.G. rappers, actors and entertainers from Ludacris to John Mayer that call Atlanta home and some of these celebrities shared their favorite Atlanta hangout spots. If you're wondering where they are, you've come to the right place. 


Welcome to Atlanta where the players play. Rapper and ATL resident since 1977 loves to go to Henri's Bakery & Deli. Apparently he loves their gingerbread cookies. He also has his own course this fall at the College of Law at Georgia State University.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark's burger joint, Wahlburgers, is located at The Battery Atlanta and he plans to open a new one in Midtown in the near future. With locations in 19 states, he frequents his restaurants often. Keep an eye out for details on the new location, because he will likely visit. Narcity spotted him last year at The Battery.

Cardi B

Cardi and Offset have allegedly been spotted multiple times at the Target by Lenox mall. One source says they saw her there wearing a night gown. The Bronx babe has been in the news a lot with her political views, even having a sit down with Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She even has thoughts on the most recently partnership between Hip Hop mogul, Jay-Z and the NFL. Here's what she has to say about Jay-Z's NFL deal.


The striking R&B goddess grew up in a military family and moved around a lot, but she says she will always call Atlanta her home. Her favorite places to eat are Little Azio, OK Café and of course, Waffle House. She also loves shopping at Phipps Plaza and Little Five Points.

Brian Tyree Henry

The famous actor best known for his role in Atlantaco-starring Donald Glover, has allegedly eaten pounds of wings at J.R. Crickets (the restaurant is actually featured in the show). Atlanta has confirmed filming for seasons 3 & 4 and will begin shooting next year.

John Mayer

The dreamy singer lived here for six years but it played a huge role in how he got here today. He claims those were the best years of his life. We think it's safe to say Sublime Doughnuts is a fave of his; he has been spotted there getting a doughnut during his Atlanta tours, according to Sublime owner, Kamal Grant. If you haven't yet, you have to try these insane donuts from Sublime's secret menu.

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