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Atlanta Festivals 2020 Include A Massive Oyster Fest In Piedmont Park

It's finally a new year, so let's start the decade off right by filling up our calendars with all the best events in the city. We owe it to ourselves to have some fun and by that we mean eating unlimited amounts of food (as a reward for working toward our resolutions, of course). When it comes to Atlanta festivals 2020, this oyster fest in February earns a top spot on our list.

The annual Atlanta Oyster Festival takes place at the city's beloved Park Tavern in Piedmont Park. Save the date for February 8 this year, because who said we can't have great seafood in Georgia?

Park Tavern imports all its oysters for this pearl of a celebration, so you can dig into all the steamed, fried and raw oysters your belly can handle. Get shucking because an event like this doesn't come around often in The Peach State.

Join this long-awaited 21 and up seafood extravaganza in the park, with live music from artists like DJ Q-Tip, tons of booze at the full bar, and lots of space to enjoy the outdoors and ATL skyline. 

You won't miss a game either because they have tons of flat screens that broadcast the day's best sporting events. 

If you're not digging the whole oyster deal, no need to fret, because they will also have yummy fried shrimp and fried chicken.

From now until January 30, tickets are only $15! Prices will go up to $20 after that and $25 the day of, so grab yours while they're cheap. Drinks and food must be purchased separately through a ticketing system (buy lots at once to get discounts).

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Atlanta Oyster Fest 2020

Price: $15

When: February 8

Address: 500 10th St. NE., Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: Eat all the oysters you can possibly stomach while enjoying all the booze and live music in Atlanta's most iconic park. 

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