Ramen and pho are really taking the world by storm in recent years. The traditional Asian delicacies packed with tons of flavor truly warm the soul. The trendy and delicious noodle bowls are definitely a big hit in Atlanta and there is an overwhelming amount of options to indulge. Now that the weather is finally getting cooler, it's the perfect time to warm up at this new ramen restaurant in Atlanta opening next month.

Lifting Noodles Ramen, established in 2018 in Atlanta food hall We Suki Suki, will open a new location at The Battery's new "Ph’east" food hall next month. They pack their bowls with amazing flavor and fresh quality ingredients to bring you classic yumminess with a modern twist. The best part is, it's actually super affordable. The appropriately named eatery has noodles for days and there's nothing more satisfying than lifting them out of your bowl.

They have pre-made menu options with over ten ingredients for a carefully-crafted mesh of flavor, but the real treat is in the build-your-own bowls. You can choose from two noodle types, four kinds of broth and five types of protein.

Then, you can load up on over a dozen veggies and toppings including sweet corn, bamboo shoots, shredded black mushroom, roasted seaweed and fried onions at no extra cost.

You can get these hearty customized bowls only $11. You can also top it all off with kimchi or Shiitake mushrooms for only $1 extra.

To add some yummy complements to your meal, throw in the ginger miso beet salad or the fried pork gyoza for less than five bucks. And of course, you have to get some sweet Thai tea to complete the whole shebang.

You don't have to compromise quality to get an affordable meal and Lifting Noodles totally proves that. 

If you haven't heard, Atlanta is having a free seafood festival next month for even more foodie fun. Also, check out this brand new Mardi-Gras style eatery with authentic, loaded NOLA eats.

Lifting Noodles Ramen

Price: $5-$15

Cuisine: Asian

Address: 800 Battery Ave SE #130, Atlanta, GA 30339

Why You Need To Go: Get a delicious bowl of noodles customized with your favorite toppings for only $11.