The Georgia Sports Curse Lives On With Atlanta United's Massive Loss Last Night

Twitter agrees.
Atlanta United May Be The Latest Victim Of The Georgia Sports Curse

Georgians are super proud of our recently founded soccer team because (up until now) they have been scoring wins left and right, earning them top rankings in the MLS. Last night, Toronto pulled a win over Atlanta United at the Eastern Conference final and we're all a little let down because they totally blew their winning streak.

If you really think about it, this shouldn't come as a huge shock since Georgia sports have a hefty track record of scoring enough wins to make it to the playoffs, and then letting us down. Big time (and all the time). If you weren't superstitious before, you probably are now because the Georgia sports curse is all too real. 

Must we bring up the Falcons' Superbowl disaster? Nope, too soon. The curse struck with the Braves this year (again) and pretty much shows up at UGA every year, but that doesn't stop us from showing off our team spirit (Go Dawgs!)

If Atlanta United pulled the big win last night, the team would have hosted the final at Mercedes-Benz Stadium to continue the season and advance their winning streak in consecutive league titles.

However, despite the team hyping up the entire city with 2 Chainz for the playoffs, this was not the case. Twitter is pretty upset that the Georgia Sports curse is back once again, but this time with a new team. 

But, hey at least people are making memes about it to ease the pain with some comic relief.

Perhaps we can blame it on a Halloween nightmare?

Ouch. And people are pointing fingers. Poor Martinez.

The look of defeat says it all: The Georgia Curse sports lives on. Maybe next season, ATL UTD!

The team may be hiding under a rock for awhile, but hopefully they'll show their faces soon because you may be able to spot them at these hangout spots in Atlanta